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Import Process

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  • Certified Quality

    Every vehicle in our collection is ITAF certified and comes with a Jevic Odometer Verification Certificate.

  • Multiple Inspections

    All Vehicles are inspected by multiple certified experts in both Australia & Japan to ensure authenticity, quality, and excellence.

  • Service and Parts You Can Rely On

    Through our partnership with leading manufactures and suppliers we can get the required service and parts required no matter how rare they are.

  • Post-Purchase Peace of Mind!

    6-month/10,000km complimentary warranty on every car delivered, along with an inclusive 10-year recall insurance policy.

  • Unmatched & Exclusive Vehicle Range

    Cars you won't find anywhere else in Australia sourced from our exclusive partnership with a leading TYO Listed Supplier.

 Our Unparalleled Inspection Checklist for You

Safety & Technology
Road Test
Driver Satisfaction
Interior & Exterior Evaluation
Vehicle Data Check

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